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We are a boutique consultancy providing research, analysis, and strategy. With our team & advisors in HR, finance, and accounting, we offer a wide variety of industry expertise in energy (renewable and conventional), engineering, technology, agribusiness, and logistics.


We are in the business of information; information that influences strategic planning across industries. Because of this, we take our access to information and network of experts very seriously. 

Our Story


Passionate About Helping Businesses Grow Strategically

The founding team at Norbenture, coming from a cross-industry background, found themselves helping businesses create incredible websites, graphics, and more traditional marketing materials. In this work, we uncovered that the traditional agency model only helped a company execute an existing strategy, but that it offered little return-on-investment if those strategies were incomplete or ineffective. 

Our background in strategic planning and passion for research pushed us to look deeper at the business environment around us.

As we observed our network, we realized there was a gap. Small to medium-sized businesses were dealing with an obstacle. Large market research firms are expensive, smaller (read: less expensive) agencies are not solving the strategic problem, and for-purchase industry reports stay unopened or unused. 

This is why Norbenture was born. We are committed to offering strategic plans, based on real insights from the market, connecting macro trends to micro shifts and helping small to medium-sized businesses truly take advantage of the data collected across their industry. We synthesize all of that information to build strategy that delivers. It mitigates your risks and maximizes your ROI, reinforcing your commitment to growth and capital discipline within your company.

Our Process



We begin with an external analysis of the market environment. From there, we review the capabilities of your company, the activities of your competitors and the profiles of your past, current, and potential customers. 

From there, we build a strategy that satisfies your goals, takes into account the market, and mitigates your risk on capital expenditures. When we deliver, we not only provide information to you and your team but deliver confidence in your decision making. 

As you operate your business, it's easy to become focused on growth, delivery or survival and can cause you to miss out on vital industry intelligence. This is why we always recommend a period dedicated to zooming out and evaluating external data.

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