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Our services are structured around phases that utilize market research and industry insights, adjusting scope as necessary to deliver the best results. We synthesize information to build strategy that mitigates your risks, maximizes your ROI and helps prove your commitment to growth and capital discipline within your company.


Every project is truly unique, just like each business and objective is unique.

While we have our structured methodology, we never suggest anything cookie-cutter. Our strategies are based on your capabilities and the current and projected environments. 

Industry Reporting &
Competitive Intelligence

Enterprises do not operate within a vacuum. As global policies change, the effects trickle down to your business. Sometimes the effects are seen immediately--these are easier to predict and understand. More often, however, these effects can take months or years to show up on your bottom line. We help companies of all sizes track their internal data against global trends and competitor changes to better plan for future shifts and stay competitive.

Industry Reporting
Market Expansion & New Market Entry

When sales begin to stagnate or you start to lose market share, it’s time to evaluate the benefits of entering new markets, growing your customer base, or making product or service modifications (minor or major). We help define potential objectives for your business and then work through the investigation process, analyzing risks and building strategy that supports your goals and growth and diversify revenue streams. 

Market Expansion
Product Design & Introduction

As you develop a new product or service, your team begins to gather a more comprehensive understanding of your technology and your organization. We help you move forward strategically, beginning with an analysis of the market and its needs. Since the market dictates which product and service will sell, we work with you to develop campaigns to highlight the right features and promote to the right market.

Product Design
Strategic Planning

It's hard to know where you're going if you don't have a map. We help you put pen to paper to develop your strategic plan and marketing plan based on market research to organize and map your goals. Operating with a plan enhances growth and increases your value.

Brand Research & Strategy

Your brand is how you talk about yourself, and often in a saturated market, is a critical decision-making point. Integrating strategic branding characteristics is vital to effectively communicate in your sales process, digital presence, and investor materials. We work with you on content selection and specific word choice, with a creative direction & public relations lens, to make sure you stand out among your competitors.

Network Mapping & Development Strategy

Effective development for your business in a B2B space should be based on an understanding of the interconnected networks within your company, industry, and customers. By mapping your network and identifying gaps & opportunities, we build a development strategy that leverages who you know and who you need to meet.


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